World's Record Holder!

World's Largest Giant Chess Set

Right here in Medicine Hat!

What is the Giant Chess Set?

This is an outdoor permanently surfaced GIANT Chess Board, with useable GIANT wooden chess pieces, conceptualized and developed by Dr. Bill Taylor and members of the Medicine Hat Chess Club. The board is located between the Court of Queen's Bench Building and the Medicine Hat Public Library in the core of beautiful downtown Medicine Hat. In 2009 it was officially certified as the World's "Largest Chess Set" by Guinness World Records.

The record still stands to this day.

Chess Community Objectives

  • To promote chess as a recreational activity for all ages
  • Provide educational experiences for interested youth and individuals
  • To enhance and compliment the beauty of the downtown core of Medicine Hat
  • Partner with the City of Medicine Hat in promoting the city's many attractions

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The Pieces

The pieces are all hand and lathe crafted from teak wood and imported from Indonesia. The tallest piece in the set is the King which measures 4 feet tall! Wow! Collectively, the pieces weigh in at a whopping 870 pounds!

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Playtime and Sponsorships

Reserving Playtime

If you would like to book some playtime on the GIANT CHESS BOARD you may reserve up to 2 hours daily, up to 2 days in advance. The cost is a suggested donation of $10/hour. Please be punctual as the board may be given to others waiting if you are late!  Contact Us for more information on booking.

Operational Funding Generously Provided By:

Click here to view a complete list of our donations!  If you would like to make a donation you can contact Dr. Bill Taylor, President, MHCC

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Why Chess?


  • Brings people together
  • Teaches you how to win and lose
  • Helps children
  • Can help you focus
  • As an educational tool
  • Develops creativity
  • Builds confidence
  • Develops Problem-solving skills
  • Exercises the brain
  • Helps you be calm

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  • Chess helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  • It grows dendrites
  • Chess raises your kids IQ
  • It increases kid’s problem-solving skills
  • Chess improves spatial skills
  • It improves the memory of your child
  • It exercises both sides of the brain
  • It increases the creativity of your kid
  • It improves the concentration your child
  • Chess teaches planning and foresight

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What's the Big Deal!?
Some chess facts you may not know...!

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We provide a fun environment for adults and youth to learn and engage in friendly competition.